Sanjeev Goel, the Founder of Digital Business Trainings, is a highly accomplished professional in the field. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, he has successfully established a reputable training program that caters to individuals seeking to excel in the digital business realm.

Under his guidance, Digital Business Trainings has empowered countless aspiring entrepreneurs by providing them with practical skills and valuable insights to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape. Through his leadership, Sanjeev Goel has positioned his organization as a trusted resource for those looking to thrive in the competitive world of online business.

Sanjeev has been a Trainer & Consultant since 1992 in various domains of Telecom, Management, Soft Skills, Information Technology. He is a Trainer & Consultant in Delhi, India having an experience of 25 years in training & development in the fields of Aviation, IT, Telecom, Management, Soft Skills & French language.

He has the capability to design & conduct training courses for various Industries using Information & Communication Technologies as ICT is the backbone impacting all the Industries.

Sanjeev Goel is a highly skilled Digital Transformation Trainer who can help businesses thrive in today’s digital landscape. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Sanjeev empowers organizations to effectively navigate the complexities of digital transformation.

He provides tailored training programs that equip teams with the necessary skills and strategies to drive innovation, enhance customer experiences, and achieve sustainable growth. Sanjeev’s proven track record and commitment to excellence make him the ideal partner for companies seeking to maximize their digital potential. Take your business to new heights with Sanjeev Goel as your Digital Transformation Trainer.

Sanjeev has written articles on various topics in IT & Telecom and has been the National & International Conference Speaker since 1998. Also, Spoken at Telecom Conferences on emerging technologies & telecom infrastructures.

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